Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Get Serious

Well Ive figured out what to do so now Im starting to think about what to say..

I guess I dont have a major cause like others, I have a number of more minor causes I guess
I dont have a particular horse to get on. But this is making me think more about what I care about and there are things in there and maybe I can get them out!!


Next experiment

This is a photo of a whippet these are the dogs that I like....

Yes this was the next experiment- getting a picture on my blog!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Some Background

I am a 20 something female New Zealander

I work as a "scientist" I like science and I enjoy my job, I generally enjoy life also...
I guess you could describe me as some what of an optomist.
I particularly like microorganisms, and although am not working in the area yet would like to end up some time in the future in the area of envornmental microbology.

I like the beach I like to "surf" (Im not very good but I like to be out there in the water)

I am married to Paul and so have inherited an intrest in polical goings on and current events ect
We are Christians and go to Opawa Baptist here in Christchurch

I am secretly messy

Friday, March 25, 2005


Time to start

I guess its time I got myself a blog, it seems like the thing to do.

I dont want to be one of those hefty serious ones just some where to prehaps start to put thoughts to paper once again.

The title currently is umi no ko it means (in my 16 year old sort of japanese: girl of the sea or "sea girl") couldnt think of anything else except maybe friend of microorganisms.

I though maybe I could put some of my poems on here and other random thoughts.

I need some sort of disclaimer of course about my terrible spelling.....

Now lets see how this works!

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