Saturday, May 26, 2007


Here is the first installment of my pentecost art piece!

People at our church (opawa baptist) spent today relecting on and creating things as part of our annual penetcost festival, I had to work so Ive been working on my own thing (since easter)

Todays installation is in the shape of open arms, its title is "welcome" it is currently on our front lawn for the weekend I guess! (unless people take off with it!)

This has been a very cool process for me and it holds lots of symbols for me to do with hope, where we've come from, family, love, freinds present and distant,reaching out to new people, acceptance, regeneration and taking risks. Which fitted in really well with what I think penecost is all about.

Thats alot for some weird art you may say!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This is a picture of me this summer past at the sculpture depicting the anchor chain of Maui (the legend is that the North Island is the fish the south island the waka (canoe) and Stewart island the anchor. I really wanted to visit it it was cool. We had such a nice there.

So im kinda into art right now

I have decided to do my very own art installation
(also inspired by the Easter Journey and a feeling that I cant express myself very well with words)

It is going to be at our house on our front lawn.
At this point its going to be a "Pentecost" celebration piece!

Don't I sounds funny, this is part of me learning more about myself, like many people I could never draw or paint or anything like that but Ive been realising how much I take in visually how I enjoy reflecting on art ect Ive been surprised at how satisfying the process of imagining this project has been,

Well we'll see what actually happens.... Im not promising much but it will be there eventually!

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