Monday, February 27, 2006


We went on an Awseome holiday last weekend 4 nights away at both Okarito and Wanaka.
It was such a nice rest.

The picture is from our double Kiyak on a river in the Okarito lagoon. Its a White heron or Kotuku. Huge beautiful birds, inly about 120 breeding pairs left and they all live in this Okarito area.

Its nice to be back though. still warm.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I never did figure out how to get a poll going.

My best story of this week is when I in a meeting at work here I was giving a talk about the importance of accuracy when filling out paperwork and at the ending to ensure that no one thought I was being grumpy or too bossy I said Quote

"I'm not trying to woof-woof or anything!"

Yes I actually said woof-woof in an attempt to communicate!(There were about 15 people present and I managed to go quite red!)

(sorry for those who have heard this story already its a great story)I like stories (Lynne has a great story about fish legs this week also)

Being able to tell stories gets you through times when you are just meeting someone and I think they teach you lots of things they can help you remember where you've come from and can help you not take your self too seriously. When it comes to God, I think telling stories about what hes done/ what hes like is important. I think hes there (offen quitely) in lots of our stories. I wonder what he was doing as I was not woof-woofing my work-mates! Prehaps he was just laughing.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I know you all are loving the free dog so hes something more for you...
today at lunch at work I choked on some water I was drinking and it went everywhere, the great part is that its the 2nd time its happened to me this week!

Does this ever happen to anone else maybe ill make poll about it.

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