Monday, January 30, 2006


One of my all time favorites thanks to (Teresa) A little picture we like to call "free dog" dont ask me why it just is.

The beach is nice right now the water is lovely down at Waimairi, such nice weather it makes me very happy.

Lots of happy.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weve been having a good time, saw the buskers festival in town which was really cool, we had a visit from Andrew (Peters brother) and Andre and my (great)Aunty Elaine and Uncle Gilbert. So its been nice.

We also had our 2 year wedding annivesary last week (Also Happy 1st Anniversary to Chris and Holly!)

We played the Buzz playstation game with various friends, we also played singstart and Pauls finally got the hang of it ;) He even bet me on 2 occasions!!

I have just been planning a new hair style! On my list of thing to try I have 2 things left, and Im really sick of my hair right now. I did the dreads and I dyed my hair pink/blue and black at different times. (the other things on my list)
Ive been doing some research it should happen in the next month!

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Well Its quite nice to be back and to be well again.

I was sick for about 4 weeks there, including pretty much the whole time we were in Auckland. But now Im finally feeling good.

Some highlights were Christmas with all our family and new years with some freinds out at Helen and Rays in Anawhata. And Peter and Tammys wedding of course which was wonderful. See attahc picture taken in my famous "fuzzy" style. It was a great wedding such a special time.

Very nice to see everyone we mananged to catch up with but there were quite afew people we missed which is sad but feeling so lousy did not help. But yeah nice times

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