Friday, April 01, 2005


Hari huri tau

Its my birthday,
I think my Maori is correct I know that to Hari huri tau ki a koe is to say happy birhday to you but I dont know how to say to me so Ive just gone with "happy birthday" in general.

So yeah the tradition at our work place is that you bring morning tea for everyone which went well. I even did some baking which I haven’t done for a while.

I don’t mind being asked how old I am, but I don’t like being asked what I got (luckily I haven’t been asked that so far this year!) I hate that at Christmastime too ever since I was a kid maybe it’s because the kids who asked always got much more or much flasher stuff than me or maybe because I don’t like the gift/material possession emphasis. Gifts can make you feel good but we all know it’s the relationships and the love shared behind them that count in the long run eh..

It is nice to receive things though isn’t it, I do like practical things. A good gift idea for people who don’t need things is vouchers for experiences whether it is a concert or a movie or a dinner out.

But as they say gift giving/receiving is one of the love languages and is a way that all of us can experience love. This makes me think of gifts I have received of the years from a monopoly set that I really wanted and those cool flowering paper trees you used to get way back. Then there’ gifts like some one doing something for you when you felt like you didn’t deserve it, like a special dinner when you feel sick. This makes me think in a new light of Jesus’ special gift of a new life and eternal life that he has given me. For all the gifts from family, friends and God (from whom all things come) I am very grateful.

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