Saturday, November 11, 2006

I feel compelled to tell you about the movie "Little Miss Sunshine"
Paul and I both thoughouly enjoyed this movie we went to see it last week(Thanks for the recommendation Danielle and Shaun ect and for the birthday moive vouchers Amy!)

I thought it was fantastic its not very often that you get a "comedy" thats deals well with a number of serous topics.

That leaves you feeling - lots of things.

Its really like a family roadtrip story, the characters are great, (and dont be put off by the fact they are on their way to a "pre-teen" beauty pagent, the idea of kids beauty pagents is NOT gloirified and is not the point)

Yeah so I recommend this movie too. (It carries a R13 rating in NZ as there is a little crass talk from Granddad!)

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