Saturday, June 09, 2007


I made a giant origami crane at work on Friday (in honour of Elyjahs 1st birthday)
it was way cool

sweet, me likes it

i made a little foldy thing at work the other day, not have any experience in origami

my co-worker said, "hey that's like those things i used to make when i was young, u pick this number her and fold that flap there... etc and then see what it says"

i left the item in my pigeon hole and when i saw it the other day it had grown the numbers/letters just like what they said!

Haha, feel the workplace childhood love.

Now if only i can figure out how to make a Crane like yours and leave it in my pigeon hole...
I can give you lessons....

I learnt to fold cranes in Japanese class at Orewa College, I got a diagram off the net to trigger my memory.

It was huge!
nice foldy thing cheers Ian
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